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          2018 SHOW SCHEDULE    (UPDATED   8/16/18  12:44pm)
***Bickford Cottage, Omaha, NE Aug  8   2:00pm  
***Richmont Terrace, Bellevue, NE Aug  9   3:00pm  
******GORAT,S STEAKHOUSE, OMAHA, NE*** (48th & Center St.) Aug 10   6 - 9pm  
***Sorenson Care  & Rehab, Omaha, NE Aug 13 11:45am  
Brookstone Village, Omaha, NE Aug 14   3:00pm  
Regal Towers, Council Bluffs, IA Aug 15   2:00pm  
Franciscan Center, Omaha, NE Aug 20 10:00am  
Northcrest Care Center, Council Bluffs, IA Aug 21   2:00pm  
Notre Dame Housing, Omaha, NE Aug 22   1:30pm  
Dudley Court, Council Bluffs, IA Aug 23   2:30pm  
Bethany Lutheran Home, Council Bluffs, IA Agu 24   2:30pm  
Peterson Senior Center, Kearney, NE Aug 27 12 noon  
Brookstone Care Center, Kearney, NE Aug 27    2:00pm  
Mount Carmel Home, Kearney, NE Aug 28  10:00am  
Good Samaritan Society - St. Johns (B) , Kearney, NE Aug 28 12noon  
Good Samaaritan - Prairie Viewe Gardens, Kearney, NE Aug 28   3:00pm  
                                                                   SEPTEMBER  (22 Shows)      
***Herritage Heights, Bellevue, NE  Sep  2    1;30pm  
***Sorenson Rehab & Care, Omaha, NE Sep  3 11:45am  
Immanuel Fontenelle Home, Omaha, NE Sep  5   2:00pm  
***Rolling Hills Ranch, Omaha, NE Sep  8   4:00pm  
***The Heritage at Fox Run, Council Bluffs, IA Sep 10   2:00pm  
***Franciscan Center, Omaha, NE Sep 11 10:00am  
Paririe Meadows Alzheimer's Special Care Center, Omaha, NE Sep 11   3:00pm  
***Bickford Cottage, Omaha, NE                                           Sep 12   2:00pm  
***Elk Ridge Independent Living, NE - (Wine & Cheese Party) Sep 13   3:30pm  
******GORAT,S STEAKHOUSE, OMAHA, NE  Sep 14   6 - 9pm  
***Elk Ridge Assisted Living, Omaha, NE   (Sunday -100th Birthday Party) Sep 16   2:00pm  
The Waterford at Miracle Hills,  Omaha, NE Sep 17   2:00pm  
***Primetimers of St. Wenceslaus, Omaha, NE Sep 18   7:30pm  
***Heritage Riadge, Bellevue, NE Sep 19   1:30pm  
House of Hope, Omaha, NE Sep 20   2::00pm  
***Maple Ridge Senior Living, Omaha, NE Sep 21   4:00pm  
East Park Villa, Aurora, NE Sep 25 10:30am  
Memorial Community Care, Aurora, NE Sep 25   2:30pm  
Hamilton County Senior Center, Aurora, NE Sep 26 11:45am  
Westfair Quality Care, Aurora, NE Sep 26   4:00pm  
Central City Care, Central City, NE Sep 27   10:30am  
Cottonwood Estates, Central City, NE Sep 27    2:00pm  
Litzenburg Long Term Care, Central City, NE Sep 28 10:00am  
                                                                                                OCTOBER   (15 Shows)      
***Richmont Terrace, Bellevue, NE Oct   1 10:00am  
Defreese Manor, Omaha, NE Oct   3   2:00pm  
***Sunrise Senior Living, Omaha, NE  Oct   5   2:00pm  
***Sorenson Rehab & Care, Omaha, NE Oct   8 11:45am  
Country House at Pine Lake (B), Lincoln, NE Oct   9   2:00pm  
***Bickford Cottage, Omaha, NE Oct 10   2:00pm  
Douglas County Health CXenter, Omaha, NE Oct 11 10:00am  
***Mabel Rose - Herloom, Papillion, NE Oct 12   2:00pm  
Elwood Care Center, Elwood, NE Oct 22 10:00am  
Good Samritan,  Arapahoe, NE Oct 22   2:00pm  
Hillcrest Nursing Home, Mc Cook, NE  Oct 23  10:30am   
Brookdale Senior Living, McCook, NE Oct 23   2:30pm  
Linden Estates, North Platte, NE Oct 24 10:00am  
Linden Court, North Platte, NE Oct 24   2:00pm  
North Platte Care Center, North Platte, NE Oct 25 10:00am  
                                                                                               NOVEMBER  (23 Shows)      
 Merrymakers Toast, Design Center, Omaha, NE Nov  1    6:00pm  
***Westgate Assisted Living, Omaha, NE Nov  1    2:30pm  
***Maple Ridge Senior Living, Omaha, NE Nov   2    4:00pm  
Parsons House, Omaha, NE Nov   3    2:00pm  
Southlake Village Care & Rehab, Lincolin, NE Nov   5    1:30pm  
Midlands Living Center, Council Bluffs, IA Nov   6    2:30pm  
***RSVP Award Dinner, Fremont, NE Nov   7 12 noon  
***The Waterford at Roxbury, Omaha, NE Nov   8    2:30pm  
Hospice House, Omaha, NE Nov   9 12 noon  
***Sorenson Rehab & Care, Omaha, NE Nov 12 11:45am  
***Bickford Cottage, Omaha, NE Nov 13   2:00pm  
P. E. O HJome, Beatrice, NE Nov 14 10:30am  
The Kensington, Beatrice, NE Nov 14   2:00pm  
Long Creek, Auburn, NE Nov  15 10:30am  
Good Samaritan Center, Auburn, NE Nov 15   2:00pm  
***The Franciscan Center, OMaha, NE Nov 16 10:00am  
Dudley Court, Council Bluffs, IA Nov 16   2:30pm  
Fountain View, Omaha, NE Nov  20   2:00pm  
Hillcrest Mable Rose Estates (The Club), Omaha, NE Nov 21   1:00pm  
Sumner Place, Lincolin, NE Nov 26   3:00pm  
Corrigan Senior Center, Omaha, NE Nov 29 11:00am  
***Elk Ridge Independent Living, Omaha, NE Nov 29   3:30pm  
***Elk Ridge Assisted Living,d Omaha, NE Nov 30   2:00pm  
                                                                                              DECEMBER   (25 Shows)      
Tekamah Care & Rehab, Tekamah, NE Dec   4   2:30pm  
Ralston Senior Center, Ralston, NE Dec   5 12:00noon  
***Richmont Terrace, Bellevue, NE Dec   5   3:00pm  
Heritage of Emerson, Emerson, NE Dec   6 10:30am  
Legcay Gardens, Pender, NE  Dec   6   2:00pm  
***Holland Performing Arts Center, Downtown Omaha, NE (Ovation Lounge) Saturday Dec   8 12:15 - 1:15pm  
***Holland Performing Arts Center, Downtown Omaha, NE (Ovation Lounge) Sunday Dec   9 12:15 - 1:15pm  
Sorensen Rehab & Care Center, Omaha, NE Dec 10 11:45am  
Colonial Haven, Beemer, NE Dec 11   2:00pm  
Nebraska Skilled Nursing & Rehab, Omaha, NE Dec 12 10:00am  
***Bickford Cottage, Omaha, NE Dec 12   2:00pm  
Parire Meadows Memory  Care Center, Omaha, NE Dec 13   3:00pm  
Ridge Crest, Omaha, NE Dec 14   2:00pm  
***Holland Performing Arts Center, Downtown Omaha, NE (Ovation Lounge) Saturday Dec 15 12:15 - 1:15pm  
***Holland Performing Arts Center, Downtown Omaha, NE (Ovation Lounge) Sunday Dec 16 12:15 - 1:15pm  
***The Franciscan Center, Omaha, NE Dec 17 10:00am  
***Knight of Columbus Christmas Party - German American Home, Omaha, NE Dec 17   6:00pm  
Good Samaritan Society - Millard  East, Omaha. NE Dec 18   2:30pm  
Southview Heights, Omaha, NE-  (Christmas Party) Dec 19 11:00am  
Rose Blumpkin Homne, Omaha, NE Dec 19   2:00pm  
Hooper Care Center, Hooper, NE Dec 20   2:00pm  
***Omaha Metro Care - (Christmas Party) Dec 21   2:30pm  
Hillcrest at Shadow Lake, Papillion, NE Dec 27   2:00PM  
***Sunrise Senior Living, Omaha, NE Dec 28   2:30pm  

***Sunridge Village, Omaha, NE - (New Years Eve Party)

Dec 31   5:00pm  
                     SHOW SCHEDULE  - 2019      
*** La Famiglia Resturant, Mesa, AZ  (38th Wedding Anniversary)     MeMo & Enza Randazo Feb 22  6:00pm  




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